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April 5, 2006-Launch of torontochiropractor.ca

For immediate release

Dr. Mitch Ormond, Toronto chiropractor and webmaster of torontochiroprator.ca
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Finally, a fast loading health services site with accessible content for all online users is here!

TORONTO, Ontario, April 5, 2005-Toronto chiropractor Dr. Mitch Ormond is proud to announce the official launch of torontochiropractor.ca. This site contains straightforward information about the services offered at Dundas University Health Clinic as well as detailed directions to the clinic for convenience. The site is designed to be fast loading, contains accessibility features for the disabled, and enables a site user to print the main content of each page simply by selecting the print command through their browser.

“Developing a site that is easy to read, simple to navigate, fast loading on any system or modem speed, is pleasant to view, and contains accessible information for people with disabilities is important for online users seeking health related information and services,” says Dr. Evans. “A health care related site is an extension of your clinic and should be equally accessible to all individuals.”

The site complies with the World Wide Web Consortium's standards for web page structure and accessibility issues. Please see the site map for more information. Pages on torontochiropractor.ca are built without the use of tables, javascript, or flash components making them fast to load by your browser software.

“Being able to conveniently find services or information online is more important than ever as the world wide web grows. Torontochiropractor.ca conveys the importance of accessible information that is presented in a way that will grow along with the internet,” says Dr. Evans. “My hope is that the site can be easily found amongst the billions of other web sites and that it is useful to the user searching for it.”

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