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August 3, 2007 The Toronto Health Blog offers RSS subscription.

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The Toronto Health Blog offers content subscription with RSS (Really Simple Syndication) for Torontonians and the world wide web.

TORONTO, Ontario, August 3, 2007-Toronto chiropractor Dr. Mitch Ormond and torontochiropractor.ca are proud to announce RSS syndicated health content for Torontonians and the world wide web via the Toronto Health Blog. The blog features relevant health tips and information for individuals and families living in Toronto and the greater Toronto area (GTA). The blog's biggest benefit is RSS syndication capability where web users can easily subscribe to receive on the fly, updated content at their convenience.

The blog has been up and running now for a number of months providing easy to understand health information. Additional content will be added at greater intervals in the near future.

More information can be found at www.torontochiropractor.ca/blog/.

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