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January 16, 2006-The new Dundas University Health Clinic opens.

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The new and expanded Dundas University Health Clinic opens it's doors to enhanced integrated health services in downtown Toronto.

TORONTO, Ontario, January 16, 2006-Toronto chiropractor Dr. Mitch Ormond and Dundas University Health Clinic are proud to announce the opening of their new integrated health care clinic in downtown Toronto. Integrated health services are spread out over 11 treatment rooms, 3000 square feet, and two floors. The clinic is conveniently located on the corner of Dundas Street West and University avenue with direct, in-building access to the St. Patrick subway station. Dr. Evans says, “We don't want to simply be THE integrated health centre in downtown Toronto, we strive to offer the most current and complete integrated services at the most convenient location possible.”

Services include chiropractic, medical acupuncture, orthotic inserts, custom orthopedic shoes, registered massage therapy, shiatsu therapy, TCM acupuncture, facial rejuvenation acupuncture, physiotherapy, cranial sacral therapy, naturopathy, nutritional programs, exercise programs, foot clinic, and chiropodist foot care to name a few.

A total of 15 practitioners provide services throughout the week. “Having services available throughout the week is important to Dundas University Health Clinic and it's staff,” says Dr. Evans. The clinic's two front office staff are dedicated to providing clients with the best service possible. From requesting information, to booking an appointment, to entering and leaving the clinic, the front staff are there to make your visit as memorable as possible.

More information can be found at www.torontochiropractor.ca or stop by the clinic at 438 University avenue, Suite 104.

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